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About Cumhuriyet University


Cumhuriyrt University was established in 1974 in order commemorate the 50th anniversary of Turkish Republic.Today, it is one of the Turkey’s  leading universities with an international recognation for its research and teaching activities has an important role in the cultural and coomercial life of the country.

11 Faculities 3 institues,12 vacational scholls affiliated with Cumhuriyet University.Total number of student 23530 ,total number of academic staff 1326,total number of administrative staff  1035.



Sivas is located at the very centre of Turkey, It is easy to reach to the city by planes, by buses and by trains. The main campus of the university is 3 kilometres far away from the centrum and the public buses, which are available at any time makes it possible to reach to the main campus from the city centre. Exchange students are met by the host students upon request. For the first a few days, the guest students will be helped in settlement, using the bank and other facilities and getting around the campus and the city.


 Catering Service

 In the main campus, all the catering service is handled by the Office of Central Cafeteria. The food served is exposed to strict hygenic controls and the issue of proper nutrition is always considered. There are 3 dining halls with a capacity of  5.000 students situated in the Campus, where they can eat their principle meals at modest prices.  There are also many cafes and the canteens which offer cheap, high quality eats and drinks and provide a comfortable and informal atmosphere in which the students can meet friends and relax after class.


 Medical Facilities and Insurance

 Cumhuriyet University shows its sensitivity to the University community by giving paramount importance to student, academic and administrative staff health care. The University’s health services are a fully comprehensive service providing a full range of medical and dental services to the students, academic and administrative staff.International students are strongly advised to come with a valid health insurance. Therefore, in case of illness, they may use health service but are required to pay for the services and are reimbursed by their insurance later. Those who have health insurance can also use all the private hospitals in the city.



 Cumhuriyet University provides the guest house for the foreign staff and students,. The guest house considers all type of requirements of visitors in terms of accomodation. Before arriving at the university, please be sure that you have filled and sent the accomodation form and contacted with the International Office of the university.


Student Organizations

Cumhuriyet University both encourages and supports participation in student activities and cultural, social organizations that contribute to the development of the students. The clubs are created and develop on the basis of the student and community needs and interests. The major purpose is to contribute to the personal development of the students along with the academic skills. The student associations continuously try to improve the quality and quantity of its social and cultural activities. Under the counselling of experienced supervisors, about 40  student clubs offer the possibility and the delight of social environment. All the incoming students will be welcomed to take part in these clubs’ activities. Among all these clubs, the International Student Mobilty Club of the university will help to the guest students in their orientations and in any possible issues.


 Conferences and Panels

 The Central Venue of Conference and Panels hosts culturalö educational and intellectuel conferences, in which renowned academicians, scientists, politicians, men of literature and artists give invaluable conferences, panels, readings, performances.


Sports Facilities

Cumhuriyet University, believing that physical fitness aids mental alertness, strives to provide its students with facilities for a variety of sports. Sports activities, an important part of life on Campus, are carried out and developed extensively. Many training and sports facilities are available in the university designed to serve all university members. Many competitive team sports, individual sports, games and special events are offered to students, academic and administrative staff. The sport centers cover an area of about 60.000 m2. These activities take place in the Sports Hall, Indoor Swimming Pool, 5 Tennis Courts, Athletics and Football Field, a mini golf area with 18 stations as well as many other outdoor playing fields. The teams participate in various national and international competitions and tournaments. The Sports Hall is a multi-purpose sports complex. It is the focus for most sports activities at Cumhuriyet University . It has the necessary infrastructure for sport including basketball, volleyball, handball and gymnastics. It is used for physical education courses, various social and cultural activities and graduation ceremonies. It has a fully equipped exercise/training room. It is open to all students and staff.


The University Youth’s Fest

Every year, the university holds a traditional festival. Just like a true carnival, the traditional fest offers numerous cultural, social and sportive events which delight the students.  In addition, ”The Festival of Water Sports” is organized by the university every summer at Lake Todurge, which serves as the centre of water sports.





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